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Opera Next is the solution for those users who are not entirely happy with the latest version of this web browser. This alternative has been made fully stable and now operates error free, combining precision and quality in a single interface.

Opera Next comes fully equipped with several new features such as 'Discover' which brings you all the latest news and entertainment from all over the world, and where you will find a variety of news in your preferred language.

You can also organize your bookmarks from within the browser, improving access to your most visited sites on a fully personalized homepage.

The new version of Opera is more intuitive than the last and performs searches using multiple sources, and the all terrain mode compresses the pages for faster browsing, even when your connection speed slows down.

Another advantage is that Opera is independent of Opera Next, so you can have both versions installed without them interfering with each other, and maintaining them automatic updated.
5 reasons Opera is a fantastic browser

We never get tired of recommending Opera as one of the best desktop browsers currently available. And now, with the recent arrival of version 37 to its stable channel and the exciting addition of an integrated ad-blocker, it seems like a good moment to recap all its attractions. We'll try to condense them to five points.
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Opera adds an unlimited free VPN to its browser

Opera is shaking things up with the latest updates to its browser. While its decision to integrate an ad blocker among its default features from version 37 has already caused controversy, it’s now been announced that the new version available on the Dev channel includes its own VPN that advertises itself as free, with no usage limits.
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Opera integrates its own ad-blocker in the beta version of the browser

There are still a lot of turns that adblocking can take. Opera just put into place a controversial new measure by adding a function in its latest beta version for its desktop clients: Opera Browser 37 includes its own already integrated adblocker. It also advises you to activate this adblocker in order to substantially increase browsing speed, which is fair enough. The question is: can the internet really sustain itself without advertising?
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